Sant Ferran's Castle

The largest 18th century bastioned fortress in Europe

Located on the top of a hill, at the end of Pujada del Castell, this is a large bastion built in the 18th century following the project of the commander of the Corps of Engineers Juan Martín Zermeño. It occupies a surface area of 32 hectares within a perimeter running 3,120 metres, while the tanks under the parade ground can hold 9 million litres of water. Sant Ferran Castle, which could hold 4.000 men, is a first-rate heritage feature, the largest monument in Catalonia and the largest fortress from modern era.                             

Its enormous size, sophisticated building techniques within the sphere of the period´s military engineering skills and its excellent state of preservation make a visit to Sant Ferran Castle a magnificent experience.

Types of Visits

Given its huge dimensions, visits to the monument are divided in two different blocks, independently and complementary. one type is done in the interior part and the other type is done in the exterior part and in the underground part.

Interior Part

Individual and guided visits

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The Cathedral of The Water

Exterior Part and Undergroud Areas

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Sant Ferran Nostalgic

Exterior Part

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